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Minicablecam for VR360 Obsidian Kandao

937,00 IVA/TAX excl.

Main features:

  • Long-range wireless control (up to 100m) (rechargeable by USB)
  • Large speed range (maximum 400mm / s, minimum 4mm / s)
  • Camera tilt adjustment system
  • Special traction system to work without tension in the cable
  • Quick camera mounting system
  • Components of composite material
  • Li-ion battery 12v and 3400mah (up to 6 hours of autonomy)
  • Adapter to power the camera from the cablecam battery

The perfect motorized system to fly your Obsidian Kandao VR360 camera.

  • Make live video with movement
  • Perform programmed timelapse shoot-move-shoot
  • Perform and repeat programmed movements (multipoint)
  • Uses adjustable accelerations for ultra-smooth movements

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