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Fly your Obsidian Kandao and get incredible 360 shoots with a fluid and stable movement.

Save in post-production with the design invisible to the camera.

Discover its features in detail:


- Great speed range (maximum 400mm / s, minimum 4mm / s).

- Carbon fiber components.

- 12v and 3400mah Li-ion battery (up to 6 hours of autonomy).

- Camera tilt adjustment system.

- Quick camera mounting system.

- Special traction system to work without cable tension.

- Wireless control system (up to 100 meters range) and rechargeable by USB.


- 100 meters 2.5mm nylon cable .

- Kandao Obsidian Mini cablecam .

- 3400mah Li-ion battery 12v .

- Wireless Control.

- 12V charger.

- USB cable to wireless control charge.

Wireless control system

Program and control in real time by a simple and intuitive way using the pocket remote with color TFT screen.

Wide range of up to 100 meters in length.

- 40 different speeds.

- Change of speeds and stop by rotary command.

- Accelerations and decelerations to give smoothness movement.

- Change of direction by rotary command.

- Minimum speed of 100 mm / min and maximum of 12,000 mm / min.

- 40 different speeds.

- 10 different acceleration ramps.

- Possibility of repetitive (cyclic) movement.

- Agile adjustment and intuitive of the start and end points of the movements by manual control of the device.

- Real time and programmable control capacity of your Ápodo.

- Intuitive adjustment of the start and end points of the movement.

- camera connection to shots control.

- Control of the clip resulting final time by pre-setting frames.

- Shot-move-shot motion for timelapses with long exposure times and the camera stopped during shutter shooting.

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The camera


Kandao Obsidian R/S

- Pro 3D 360 camera
- Stereoscopic video/photo up to 8K resolution (Obsidian S 6k/50fps - 4k/120fps)
- Minimalistic design - six lens inspired by human visual system
- High dynamic range image capturing
- Intuitive remote control and powerful professional manual settings