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Give life to your plans in VR 360º thanks to the extensible slider of Ápodo, designed to move most of the VR cameras.

Discover its versatility and features in detail:

Control System

- 40 different speeds.
- Shifting and stopping with a rotative control.
- Accelerations and decelerations to give smoothness to the movement.
- Change of direction with the rotative control.
- Minimum speed of 100 mm / minute and maximum speed of 12,000 mm / minute.

Easy assembly of the toothed belt on the dolly to give movement to the slider.

- Intuitive adjustment of the start and end points of the route.
- Shot control.
- Control of the final clip length by pre-setting frames.
- Shoot-move-shoot motion for timelapses with long exposure times and camera stopped during shutter release.

Wireless control system

Program and control in real time in a simple and intuitive way using the pocket remote control with color TFT screen.

- 40 velocidades diferentes.
- Cambio de velocidades y parada mediante mando rotativo.
- Aceleraciones y deceleraciones para dar suavidad al movimiento.
- Cambio de sentido mediante mando rotativo.
- Velocidad mínima de 100 mm/min y máxima de 12.000 mm/min.

- 40 different speeds.
- 10 different acceleration ramps.
- Possibility of doing cyclical movement.
- Agile and intuitive adjustment of the beginning and end points of the route by manual control of the device.
- Real-time and programmable control of your Ápodo.

-Sturdy construction.
- Stainless steel/aluminum parts.
- High accuracy and adherent wheels.
- High precision step by step motor.
- 4.000 mAh internal battery.
- 12V and 2A charger.

Mount your 360º camera on the dolly and discover new possibilities impossible to perform with a slider. Make traveling in a straight or curved line with its tilting axes.

VR 360 extensible slider

The complete kit with dolly, extendable guide system, wireless control, etc.

Slide System

If you already have our motorized dolly, add camera movement to your VR 360º videos with this ultra portable and extensible guide system. Length 2,200 mm (2 sections x 1,100mm)

Extra section

Take advantage of all possibilities offered by the extendable slider and use as many sections as you wish. Each section measures 1,100 meters.

Ápodo VR 360 extensible slider transport trolley

Transport trolley for Ápodo VR 360 extensible slider up to 8.8m length