Do you want to distribute our products?

Are you a dealer, store or rental house specializing in video or photography products? Would you like to be part of our distribution network?

Ápodo wants to expand its possibilities and reach all corners of the audiovisual market.

To facilitate this task we would like to offer an attractive, accessible commercial model without any commitment or formal agreement by both parties.

We offer the following discounts for distribution, depending on the total amount (without taxes or shipping costs) of the purchase made in our e-commerce:

0 – 600 €  –  12%
600 – 1500 € – 15%
1500 – 3000 € – 20%
3000 – 10000 € – 25%
10000 € or more – to consult

We also offer a special discount of 45% for the purchase of the first “demo / sample” (in its most complete version) unit of each product.

If you are interested in our products and you are a distributor send us an email to info@apodomove.com indicating the link to your website and we will send you the coupon codes with which you can access the discounts.