Ápodo Compact

The most compact 3-axis motorized slider performs video and timelapse in a programmed way from only € 467

*Taxes not included.

Ápodo Slider & Dolly

Expand your horizons as an audiovisual producer by motorizing your camera on the most versatile programmable slider & dolly.

*Taxes not included.

Obsidian VR360 minicablecam

The perfect motorized system to fly your Obsidian Kandao VR360 camera.

Find out what you can do with Ápodo

Traveling Slider & Dolly

Ápodo Slider & Dolly is unique for its portability. Take it wherever you want and create all kinds of movie shots.

Ápodo VR 360º Extensible Slider

Enjoy the precision and quality of our motorized Ápodo VR 360º extensible slider, designed to record any kind of shots for 360º videos.

Timelapse with Ápodo Compact

Make more dynamic timelapses with camera movement. Configure your start and end point of the video, frames, interval, clip length… and shoot!