Ápodo Slider & Dolly

Expand your horizons as audiovisual producer motorizing your camera with the programmable slider & dolly most versatile.
Discover its amazing features from just 585€ *.

*Taxes not included.

Ápodo PAN

Add to the traveling motion of the Slider & Dolly, a panning motion in order to make incredible video productions.

Ápodo Compact

Our most compact motorized slider (24"), make programmable video and timelapse with an extraordinary price. From just 467€*.

*Taxes not included.

Find out what you can do with Ápodo

Traveling dolly

With the dolly and a smooth surface, you can make all kinds of videos. Thanks to its versatility and simplicity, it is perfect for promotional videos, artistic works, etc.

Traveling slider

Mount the dolly on the Advanced SlideSystem and transform it into a slider which you can perform linear motion in any direction.


Make more dynamic timelapses with camera movement. Configure your start and end point of the video, frames, interval, clip length… and shoot!


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